STV News at 6 – Showcasing Our Under Age Driving Initiative

At the start of the week the team from STV’s News at 6 popped along to our under age driving facility in Hamilton to film a project we have been working with Hillhead High School in Glasgow.


As many people already know, we have been offering under age driving lessons for over a decade which have proven to be a huge success with both youngsters and parents alike. By educating road sense and the mechanical operation of the car at an age when the mind is learning and absorbing information at its peak, and before the complex life of a mid-teenager starts to kick in with music, relationships and exams looming we’ve found that pupils who gain driving experience early adapt to road driving once they are 17 and manage to get to driving test standard far quicker. So as well as being a huge fun experience of driving a real road car (with a fully trained and qualified driving instructor in the passenger seat for safety) it is a hugely rewarding educational tool as well.

The pupils from Hillhead’s 3rd year classes were along to get their first taste of car driving and every single one of them loved the experience and cant wait to come back again. To find out what the deputy head teacher at Hillhead had to say along with the pupils and OBT’s Brian Smith be sure to check out the short 2 minute news broadcast by clicking the photo above.

We offer our under age lessons to everyone, not just schools and youth groups – so if you’d like to book some lessons as a fun and educational treat or gift for someone, just give us a call free on 0800 999 2002 or visit us at to find out more.


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